Compare Grand Design's Solitude Fifth Wheel to the Keystone Montana

The Grand Design Solitude Fifth Wheel is superior in its class. Built by Grand Design to be reliable and luxurious, the Solitude Fifth Wheel is built with exceptional attention to detail. If you're considering other Fifth Wheels including the popular Keystone Montana Fifth Wheel, compare these features and you'll agree that the Grand Design Solitude Fifth Wheel is the #1 choice for construction, safety, longevity, and style.

Solitude Montana
Grand Design SOLITUDE Fifth Wheel Keystone MONTANA Fifth Wheel
Tires Westlake brand
  • Heavy duty 10-ply
Trailer King brand
  • Light Duty
Step Aluminum Steps & Hinges
  • Solid and won't rust
  • Easy one-finger open & close
Steel Steps & Hings
  • Rusts quickly
  • Harder to open
Wide Body Frame Extra Wide-Stance Chassis
  • 101" wide
  • Wider hallways
  • Deeper slides
  • More storage
Standard Width Chassis
  • Narrow hallways
  • Standard slides
  • Less storage
Structural Warranty 3 Years 1 Year
Constuction & Insulation Side & Rear Walls
  • R-11 insulation
  • Laminated aluminum frame
  • High gloss gel coat fiberglass
Side & Rear Walls
  • R-11 insulation
  • Laminated walls
  • R-40 insulation with attic vent
  • Residential 5" radius wood trusses
  • TPO membrane for duarability
  • R-38 insulation
  • Stamped steel trusses
  • EPDM membrane (less durable)
Main Floor
  • R-45 insulation
  • Aluminum framed
Main Floor
  • R-21 insulation
  • Aluminum framed
Underbelly Seam Binder
  • Prevents protective panels from sagging
  • Keeps water and rodents out
  • Retains underbelly heat
NO Underbelly Seam Binder
  • No protection from sagging
  • Open to the elements
  • Fully enclosed and heated
  • Thermofoil insulation
  • Dedicated heat duct to tanks and storage
  • Heated low-point drains
  • Open to the elements

Slide Rooms
  • Bedroom Schwintek Slide
  • Laminated aluminum framed roof and end walls
Slide Rooms
  • Cable slide
Compartment Door Latches
  • Magnet for maximum efficiency
  • 1.5" thickness for max insulation
Compartment Door Latches
  • Struts which lose tension
  • Thin with little or no insulation
Utility Center All-In-One
  • Single, heated location
  • Includes most water functions
  • Includes cable/satellite hookup
  • Wider/easier to access
  • Different locations
  • Not heated for protection
  • Compartment door restricts access
Auto Leveling Controls Inside Compartment Storage
  • Protected from harsh elements
  • Less vulnerable to vandalism/theft
Outside Compartment
  • No insulation
  • Flimsy housing door
  • Can be opened with a universal 751 key
  • Class-leading Pantry Storage
  • Marble Backsplash
  • Island with solid wood raised panels
  • Residential hidden hinges on cabinetry
  • Dinette with larger table, 4 chairs and storage
  • Small Pantry Storage
  • Plastic-covered foam Backsplash
  • Island with beadboard
  • Visible antiqued cabinet hinges
  • Dinette with 2 chairs and no storage
Climate Controls
  • Dual Zone for both A/C units
  • Heat pump compatible
  • One setting for the entire RV
  • No heat pump option

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  • Rota-Flex Pin Box Features
  • Exterior Construction HIghlights
  • Laminated Slideroom Endwalls and Roof
  • Lighted Power Cord Connector
  • Heated Sofa with Memory Foam Top
  • Pull-Out Ottoman
  • Ductless Flooring
  • Master Walk-In Closet
  • Bathroom Doors
  • Bathroom Sink
  • Standard Build Packages
  • And more...