You’ll Never Guess this Easy Way to Start a Fire!

What’s camping without the campfire? We all love our gooey s’mores, and I think we can all agree that the heat of a fire on a cool night is the perfect picture of camping bliss, but what if you don’t know how to start a fire? Or maybe you do, but have you ever wondered if there was a super easy way to start a fire? If you’ve never learned how to start one or are looking for an easy way, buckle up! We’ve got four steps that we think you’ll enjoy giving a try!

You’ll need a a dry toilet paper roll, a piece of electric clothes dryer lint, a few matches, and a good amount of wood handy.


You’ll be able to start a fire quickly and easily!


Here are four steps to creating a fire that will last:

  1. Gather the wood and place it in a teepee/pyramid like shape.
  2. Grab both the toilet paper roll and the piece of lint.
  3. With the roll facing up, push the dryer lint into the roll, making sure it is completely full (and compact).
  4. Light the dryer lint and roll with a match, and place the roll into the center of the fire.

This will create a flame that will last several minutes, which should ultimately catch the other sticks on fire.

There you go!

It’s a very creative way of starting a fire, and also helpful that the supplies are easily accessible, and small enough that you can put it in your RV without having to take up a lot of storage space. Just remember, it may take you a few tries at first, and more than a few matches to set it on fire, so don’t get discouraged the first few tries.


If you’re not the fire starter type, you can also shop our parts catalog for fire starter chips, fire scents, matches, and more, or Contact Us and we’ll help you out.  We hope you enjoyed this camping hack from RVs of Sacramento. Happy camping, friends!

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