Take our Service Survey!

One thing we pride ourselves on is offering our customers the best service possible. We want to take care of you to ensure that your needs are met in a timely and professional manner. One way we keep the quality of our services high is by asking each customer to take a service survey following any service interaction with us.

Service Survey
We want to take great care of you. Help us by taking our Service Survey!

By having our customers take this survey, we are showing that we want to hear your feedback on the service you receive. Check out this website to see the survey and find out what kinds of questions we will ask.

We want to know things like if our service departments addressed all of your questions and concerns and whether or not they explained to you how long the work needed would take. This is important to us, because we always want to provide quick and decisive service to get you back in your RV as quickly as possible.

We will also want to know things like if you were satisfied with the responsiveness of the service department as well as how your overall experience with our customer service was. There is even a question asking if you would like a manager to contact you concerning your survey questions.

Most of the Service Survey questions will have simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers, but all of them will offer you an area where you can explain the reason why you answered what you did. We want you to feel comfortable with explaining in as much detail as you want about your experience, so we can better serve you and our other customers in the future.

We love each and every one of our amazing customers and want to serve you the best way we can. By filling out our Service Survey, we are helping us do that! Contact us or just stop on by our location today to find out more.

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