Help Us Support JDRF

Did you know that we here, at RVs of Sacramento, are supporters of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation? This foundation, also known as JDRF, is committed to researching and finding a cure for Type 1 Diabetes, a life-threatening autoimmune disease that currently has no cure.

Help us support the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation!

Millions of people all over the world live everyday with Type 1 diabetes, or T1D. Adults and children, alike, can have this illness, and our owner, Cliff Woolard, is proud to support the continued research to find a way to combat it.

With support from companies like RVs of Sacramento and from regular people like you, the JDRF will continue to develop treatments for not only a cure but also to a way to prevent, reverse, or slow down any complications that may arise with T1D.

Because Type 1 Diabetes is an autoimmune disease, it can cause problems throughout the body and create complications in multiple systems. Things like kidney, eye, cardiovascular, and nerve diseases can all arise as a secondary issue with T1D, and this is exactly what the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation is funding research to prevent.

By supporting us, you are helping us support JDRF, so even more money can go towards this amazing research. But we also want to give you the chance to support this cause on your own. By simply going to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation website, you can find multiple ways to give.

Help raise awareness and money at one of the JDRF fundraiser!

Give in memory of someone you know who has been affected by Type 1 Diabetes, buy something at the JDRF store to raise awareness and show support, or simply make a donation. There are even fundraisers, like the JDRF One Walk, golf outings, or the Kids Walk, that you can find to participate in or even set up in your hometown!

To find out more about the JDRF and how you can help us support them, contact us today! Or stop on by our location. We would love to share with you about this amazing foundation and how it is working to change and save lives.

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